Handmade Titanium Bullet-Strike Necklace


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A bullet-struck titanium dogtag necklace straight from the flames of my blowtorch. Crafted from pure titanium and set with a fine silver rivet and a silver bail planished into form on my anvil.

The bullet marks are forged while the titanium is glowing red hot.

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For this pendant I take a piece of pure titanium sheet (grade 1) and heat it to red-hot in using my blowtorch so that I can shape the bullet marks. It takes many repeated heatings to get the final form.

The rivet in the corner is crafted from pure silver and hammered into shape. The silver contrasts nicely against the grey tones of the titanium.

The bail is formed by shaping a length of silver on my anvil and working it into shape using a planishing hammer.

As with all my work, every part of this piece is entirely handcrafted here at my workbench.

This bullet strike pendant measures approximately 40mm tall.

The pendant comes complete with one of my handmade black leather necklaces with sterling silver ends and clasp.


I make the necklace 18 inches in length as standard.


If you need a necklace length other than 18 inches please mention it in the comments box when you checkout and state the length you require.